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We missed you. So we rush back to thank the welcome, re-launch the partnership and present the novelties of the guide THE BEST OF PORTO ALEGRE 2017/18 – 3rd Edition. After all, you and the city deserve it. The first edition, released in 2014, and the second (2015/16) were public and critical hits. The result of a collective work of high quality, done with affection by a team that loves this city.


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A City With

Enviromental Sustentability

    The citizen from Porto Alegre loves interaction spaces existent in town and seek to transform at every moment, and especially on weekends, the squares and parks in joy, relaxing, leisure and sports space. It’s in these spaces that the biggest part of the population sets place to meet with friends, to walk pets, to enjoy a mate with the group and to interact with cultural events.

    A ride with the tourism-bus takes us not only to get to know Centro Histórico with its various museums, theatres, restaurants, street commerce, or other districts with intense cultural and bohemian activity like on Cidade Baixa district or on Rua Padre Chagas, but it also makes possible the discovery of another face of the city, molded by the rural area, with its fruits production, especially peaches, grapes and plums, besides its exuberant native flora.

    I have no doubt that “O Melhor de Porto Alegre 2017/2018” guide shows perfectly the inumerous options that the city offers to who wants to go sightseeing, visit museums, go to the cinema, to the malls, squares and parks, among so many other alternatives that Porto Alegre has to offer to everyone with the warm hospitality of its people.

José Fortunati – Former Mayor from Porto Alegre


Porto Alegre

Working in the present and hoping in the future

    245 years old and almost 1.5 million inhabitants, Porto Alegre is a cosmopolitan and multicultural city. Important museums, like Iberê Camargo, Margs and Santander Cultural, are standouts in culture and arts. Theatre Festivals, like Porto Alegre em Cena, and the classical Feira do Livro are also traditions of the city. This mosaic of expressions makes the gaucho capital a city rich in culture, leisure and history.

    The architecture preserved at Centro Histórico’s area, Casa de Cultura Mario Quintana, Mercado Público, with its spices and good restaurants, are worth the visit. Concluding, the sunset at Guaíba and the return of Usina do Gasômetro are a couple that normally remains in the memory of who visits it.

    Porto Alegre lives the present gazing at the future. It shelters a teaching and research headquarters, with two of the best universities in the country, Universidade Federal do RS and PUC/RS, and two of the biggest technological centres in Brazil. Our mandate works on transforming Porto Alegre in an active, innovative and entrepreneurial city, capable of maintaining and attracting companies that bring new opportunities for who was born in our city or for who has chosen to live in it.

Nelson Marchezan Júnior – Porto Alegre’s Mayor